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Faster diagnosis

We believe that the pathological exams carried out today should be improved in terms of quality and speed. Hence, we develop software programs designed to assist pathologists by producing a safe and accurate first diagnosis.

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Excellent reliability

Our products are based on state-of-the-art technologies, combining image processing and artificial intelligence.

We have access to one of the largest databases in Europe, providing excellent reliability.

Our aim is to design, develop and implement high-value turn-key software solutions for pathologists. 

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About Us

Primaa is a French startup based in Paris.

It was co-founded in 2018 by 3 cousins with complementary skills and experiences : Fanny, Stéphane and Marie Sockeel.

Fanny Sockeel

CEO - Business development, medical regulation and financial issues.

Stéphane Sockeel

CTO - Technical direction, development and innovation.

Marie Sockeel

Pathologist, Medical Advisor, Partnerships development.

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Primaa’s Team

Primaa’s team is composed of talented individuals in machine learning, medicine and business.

We are all driven by a shared vision of business perspectives and values : challenge, humanism, accuracy, and creativity.

Primaa is strongly supported by pathologists and oncologists.

Since the beginning of Primaa, we have been working in close partnership with pathologists and medical teams throughout the world to specify the needs and constantly adapt our solutions.

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